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Historic Restoration

Historic Restoration










How do I clean my floors?

Each finish is different and requires different cleaners. For most non-wax finishes, we recommend using Artisan Premium Floor Cleaner on all of your hardwoods. Surface finishes like polyurethane require only simple care. Just dust-mop and sweep or vacuum regularly. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations if known. If you are unsure about your finish it is always best to contact a professional before putting any type of cleanser on your floors.  

Where can I buy Artisan Premium Floor Cleaner?

Mission Restaurant Supply on North Lamar and  Janitor’s Warehouse in Round Rock.

Can cleaning products for vinyl or tile floors be used on wood floors as well?

No. Never use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products on wood floors. And never use self-polishing acrylic waxes on wood floors. These waxes cause wood to become slippery and dull. In this case, the floor must be sanded and refinished.

How do I clean my wax finish floors?

Dust-mop or vacuum regularly, and use a buffer to maintain the shine. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations if known.

How do I know if I have a wax finish?

The best way to know what type of finish your floors have is to ask the person/company who applied the finish. But often times that person is not available. You can easily test for a wax finish by putting a few drops of water on your floor in an inconspicuous place. If after a few minutes the area turns white or cloudy then you most likely have a wax finish.

Does Artisan Hardwood Floors offer a cleaning service for hardwood floors?

Yes. We offer scheduled maintenances for all varieties of finish and flooring. This includes (but is not limited to) wax finish, hardening oils, and polyurethanes.


I hired Artisan Floors to put down oak flooring in a couple of bedrooms and refinish the floors in the rest of the house. It was a good experience throughout! They told me how long the job was going to take, kept me informed through the process, and the floors look beautiful! I had several other quotes for this job but I went with Artisan not only because of the great price, but they were the only ones that said (and did) remove all the baseboards to install and refinish the floors.

Carol C.

Sales rep was spot-on in recommending carbonized bamboo floor. After a year it is beautiful, even with kids and dog running around. I was extremely happy with the install. They took extra steps to ensure our slab was level and no hollow spots. I did have to request special molding for door threshold and fireplace time frame. Installer did a beautiful job on the molding. I’m glad I took my friend’s recommendation and used Artisan.

Sheila A.

All of your employees are to be commended since they were very professional in their work. It was apparent they are all real craftsman who take pride in their work – something that is pretty rare in this day and time. All of your employees took extra care to protect our home and furniture in addition to taking care of the little details that it takes to have an exceptional installation. We appreciated the extreme care that your sanding and finishing crew took to minimize dust and dirt during that part of the installation. This was especially appreciated since we were living in the house during the installation and have mostly antique furniture. In summary, we are very pleased with the performance of your company and it’s employees.

D. White

Your company and crew did another outstanding job at our home. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend your company to all friends and neighbors that have need of your services. Thank you again.

M. Shelton

Thanks again for the superb job you did on our floors. We’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them. It’s such a pleasure to show them off. Thanks for working with us so well. We appreciate your work.

I. Taylor

Travis did an excellent job on our floors!

K. McGinity

Thank you for a job beautifully done!  Artisan Floors was not the least expensive bid I received, but I believe David spent the time to get me a realistic quote so there were very few back-end surprises. The end result is positively gorgeous! I have envisioned this since I bought the house in 2006, and it is just as beautiful as I had hoped. I appreciate each of you who played a part in making this happen.

S. Daugherty

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Founded in 1971, Artisan Hardwood Floors has become the standard for high end custom wood floors in Central Texas. We are a family owned and operated business. David Bailey, owner, has over forty years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry. Beginning as a helper and working his way up, David has spent a lifetime developing strategies for efficiency, while never losing the quality standard that we were known for all those years ago. From start to finish, every project we do is supervised by some of the most knowledgeable people in the flooring industry. Perfection, authenticity, and durability are our core goals in every project we undertake.

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